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Upcoming Trainings 

 Democracy Champions Training: Interns Edition - July 19, 2018 -  RSVP 



About The Training

Goals: Provide interns with a larger perspective connecting the issues they care about and work on each day with overarching democracy issues. 

Motivates: We believe it is important that interns’ meaningful work does not end when they leave D.C. We want them to be able to go home and stay engaged in the issues that matter. 

Flint Michigan Democracy Champions Training - June 23, 2018 -  RSVP 



About The Training

Goals: Create a grassroots army of activists from DI partner organizations who’ll be motivated, prepared and  empowered  to take on local democracy campaigns.

Motivates: Grounded in the participants’ own motivating issues. Diverse participants speak to cross-cutting, silo-busting nature of democracy work. DI power analysis – expanding and deepening democracy builds our power to win the changes that matter to us, whatever our motivating issues.



Prepare: Model and practice effective conversations. Practice talking about democracy agenda.

Empower: Participants leave training with concrete action commitments.

Training Approach: The training follows a Popular Education model, drawing on participants’ personal experiences and values. Trainer’s role is to provide opportunities for participants to make connections/draw conclusions.





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