Early Voting

Early in-person voting allows a voter to cast a ballot at a polling place a certain number of days before the official Election Day. Many Americans cannot take time off to vote on Election Day, and early voting is a common sense solution to the challenges of voting in our modern society and economy. Early voting is especially important for working families - with early voting, parents balancing work and childcare get extra time to fit in a visit to their local polling station.

So far, 37 states and the District of Columbia have implemented early voting, and about 1 in 5 voters in the 2012 presidential election voted early. Early voting also helps drive new voters to the polls; in 2014, more than 20% of early voters in Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, and Iowa had not voted in the last midterm election cycle.

Download our fact sheet on early in-person voting here, and check back soon for content that will help you start taking action to pass early voting in your state!