Get the Word Out

A successful campaign for same day registration educates and engages people in your community. Use:

Social Media: Check out this blogpost from Demos on Vermont’s same day registration, and search #votingrights or #registertovote for examples of activists talking about about voting rights on twitter. Remember to take pictures, and share them with us on twitter or facebook!

Op-Eds: Send opinion pieces or updates like the ones below to newspapers.

Press Releases: Press releases are another useful way to work with local media to educate people in your state. For example:

  • Demos issued this press release when Connecticut passed same day and online voter registration.
  • The League of Women Voters issued this press release when a federal appeals court struck down the repeal of same day registration (as part of a restrictive 2013 voter-ID law).

Check out our templates for press releases, op-eds, sample tweets, and sample graphics to start getting the word out in your state!