The DI Report: Netroots Nation 2015

Voter Rights Restoration and the Move Toward a Growing Democracy: How We Get There
Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Democracy Initiative just returned from Netroots Nation in hot and sunny Phoenix, Arizona where we presented a joint panel with Common Cause on felon re-enfranchisement, voting rights, money in politics, and the growing democracy movement. This was an amazing opportunity to showcase the work of the Democracy Initiative and our partners to build a movement of millions of people across the country, ensuring an equal voice in our democracy.



Left to right: Matt Singer (Bus Federation), Tova Wang (CWA), State Senator Jamie Raskin(MD), Desmond Meade (Florida Rights Restoration Coalition), Nicole Austin-Hillery (Brennan Center for Justice), Elias Isquith (Salon), Greg Moore (NAACP National Voter Fund), and Allegra Chapman (Common Cause).

Jointly moderated by the NAACP National Voter Fund’s Greg Moore and Common Cause’s Allegra Chapman, the panel explored how millions across the country are currently disenfranchised without the right to vote, despite having paid their societal debts, returned to greater society, and immersed themselves in their communities – by working and paying taxes.  



Tova Wang (CWA) discussing our democracy at a crossroads and how we are building a movement to take it back!

Restoring their right to vote and reducing the influence of money in politics at the state and national level brings us closer toward the ideal of a truly representative democracy. So too does a growing movement by activists and individuals across the nation to move away from special interests – that take government out of the hands of the people – and toward reforms and measures that will ensure government is truly of, by, and for the people and that all citizens have an equal voice in our democracy.

Tova Wang, Director of Democracy Programs at CWA discussed the Demos report Stacked Deck: How the Bias in our Big Money Political System Undermines Racial Equity, articulating how the distortions of money in politics also hold back the policies that would advance racial equity and fulfill the promise of a multiracial democracy.  

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