No Excuse and Permanent Mail Voting

With no excuse absentee ballots, any registered voters who submit an absentee ballot application will receive one without having to give an explanation. Voters can also ask to participate in permanent mail voting on their first absentee ballot application and receive ballots by mail for all subsequent elections until they decide to stop.

No excuse and permanent mail voting is convenient for both voters and state workers, who are less likely to make an error when they don’t have to sort through excuses. Opting to be a permanent mail voter is especially beneficial for Americans over the age of 65, who may have a harder time getting to the polls. So far, 27 states have no-excuse absentee ballots, five states allow citizens to submit absentee ballot applications online, and seven states offer permanent mail voting.

Download our fact sheet for no excuse and permanent mail voting here, and check back soon for content that will help you introduce no excuse and permanent mail voting in your state!