Sample Press Release

If your state legislature introduces an automatic voter registration bill, fill in the blanks below to tell the press about it. Use this format to write press releases when you have campaign updates.


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[State Name] State Legislature Introduces [Name of Act]

Modernizing our elections with a New Motor Voter system ensures every voice is heard in our state’s political process.

CITY - State legislature introduced [Bill Number], a measure that would enact an automatic voter registration or “New Motor Voter” system in [State Name]. This system would add thousands of new registrants to the voter rolls when they apply for or renew driver’s licenses or state IDs at the Department of Motor Vehicles. If they choose, citizens can opt out of registering or request to be removed from the voter rolls at any time.

The [State Name] [Name of Act] shifts the burden of registering to vote from the individual to the state and transforms voter registration from a barrier to an opportunity to include as many eligible voices in the political process as possible. Automatic Voter Registration has proven successful in dramatically increasing voter participation; in Oregon, the first state to fully implement the program, registration jumped from just over 2,000 new voters per month to an average of 831 per day during the first six months.

The program is particularly important for young people; 50% of the 206,554 Oregonians registered to vote during the first seven months of Oregon New Motor Voter were under the age of 35, and young voters registered to vote through the DMV equaled or outnumbered voters registered using traditional methods across Oregon’s election districts.

In [State Name], we must deliver on the promise of a democracy that listens to every voice and counts every vote equally. Automatic voter registration is an innovative strategy for modernizing our elections that will help engage a larger, more diverse body of citizens, especially vulnerable populations like young people. Voting should be easier, not harder, because when some voices cannot access our state’s democracy, we all miss out. [Name of Act] will help expand the fundamental right to vote for everyone and ensure that our state’s government truly represents the people of [State Name].

[Name of Organization] strongly urges the state legislature to pass [Name of Act] and stand with the people of [State Name]. “This bill represents the promise of American democracy, a democracy that is of, by, and for the people,” said [Organization Leader]. “Our state depends on equal access to the ballot box, and [Name of Act] will protect the civic sacrament of voting, strengthen the foundation of our democracy, and give our families and our communities the voice we need.”