Sample Tweets

Sample Tweets: These tweets are a good starting point for amplifying your work among allies and activists. For particular pieces of legislation, use the bill number as a hashtag - in California, for example, activists and advocates used #AB1461. You can also use a more generic hashtag, such as #AVRforAll, or a hashtag specific to your state, such as #AVRinIL (the hashtag Illinois activists used to get the word out). As much as possible, use one or two hashtags consistently.

Tip: Circulating sample tweets among friends and fellow activists can help generate exposure and encourage more people to mobilize and engage with work to expand voting rights.

  • A strong democracy depends on strong citizen participation – #[Bill] guarantees everyone has a voice. #AVRforAll
  • Contact your legislator today and demand action on #[Bill] to protect our state’s democracy. #AVRforAll
  • Together, we can make sure everyone has a voice in our state’s democracy. #AVRforAll #[Bill]
  • Support automatic voter registration and help remove the first barrier to the fundamental right to vote. #AVRforAll #[Bill]
  • The registration gap is hardest on young people. #[Bill] gives our children the access they need to become tomorrow’s voters #NewMotorVoter
  • Together, let’s show America that [State Name] believes in protecting the right to vote for everyone. #AVRforAll #[Bill]
  • In [State Name], we can ensure everyone has a voice in our democracy with automatic voter registration. #AVRforAll #[Bill]
  • I support #[Bill] because I support the voices of millions more citizens who will be registered to vote in [State Name]. #AVRforAll