Phone Banking in Your Community

Phone banking is a great way to talk to people in your community about voting rights restoration. Follow these key steps to organize a successful phone bank, and check our sample script below.

  1. Choose a location that has everything you need. Make sure you have access to phones, places to charge mobile phones, materials for keeping track of your calls, and necessities like bathrooms and parking for your volunteers.
  2. Recruit volunteers. They can be your friends, family, and neighbors, people from your church or your workplace - anyone who wants to help protect your state’s democracy! Make sure to send out reminders before the event so they know where and when to show up.
  3. Prepare materials ahead of time. You will need:
    • Call lists: Pull names and phone numbers from petitions you’ve circulated, organizations in your coalition, or groups in your community (i.e. church, parent-teacher associations, etc.).
    • A call script: Fill in the blanks in the sample below for a script that your volunteers can use while making their calls.
    • Snacks! If your location allows it, make sure to bring refreshments for your volunteers.
  4. Help your volunteers get to know each other! Encourage volunteers to introduce themselves and talk about why they are volunteering before you begin.
  5. Keep a record. Write down who you’ve talked to, who supports same day registration, and who wants to get involved with the campaign.
  6. Debrief. At the end, take the time to reflect with your volunteers and talk about highs, lows, and ways you can improve.


Sample Script: Fill in the blanks below for a script that your volunteers can use while making their calls.

Hi! My name is [Name]. I’m from [City/Town], and I’d like to talk to you about voting rights restoration. Do you know what same day registration is?

Voting rights restoration gives formerly incarcerated people a voice at the ballot box once they have completed their sentences and are living and working in our communities. Research shows that restoring the right to vote helps people with past convictions successfully reintegrate into their communities. We need to empower Americans who have completed their sentences to participate in the political process, because when some voices are excluded, we all miss out.

Sample questions:

  • Do you support voting rights restoration for [State name]?
  • Would you be interested in joining the fight to pass voting rights restoration in our state?
  • Would you be interested in receiving email or mail updates on our campaign to pass voting rights restoration? [If yes, record contact information]
  • Would you be interested in contributing to our campaign?