Sample Action Alert

Fill in the blanks below for an email action alert. You can also share action alerts on facebook and link to the alert on twitter.

Subject: ACTION NEEDED: [Action Name]


Dear [Name/Friend],

Your voice matters. Join activists from all over [State Name] in the fight for voting rights restoration, a program that gives formerly incarcerated people a voice at the ballot box once they have completed their sentences and are living and working in our communities.

At [Time] on [Day of the Week, Month + Date], we are gathering together to [Include a short description of your action, i.e. "attend public hearings to testify on behalf of our communities about the need to expand access to voting for all"]. Together, we can empower Americans who have completed their sentences to participate in the political process, because when some voices are excluded, we all miss out.

Can we count on you? RSVP today in the form below!

[Link to an online form or survey*]

Forward together, not one step back!

[Organization/Campaign Name]

*Online forms include Google formsSurveyMonkey surveys, and more. Make sure to ask for names, phone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses, which can be helpful for other actions and petitions, as well as any logistical information you need. For example, if you will be serving food at an event, you should ask for details like preference and dietary restrictions.