Sample Press Release

If your state legislature introduces a same day registration bill, fill in the blanks below to tell the press about it. Use this format to write press releases when you have campaign updates.


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CONTACT: [Insert name]

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[State Name] State Legislature Introduces [Name of Act]

Allowing [State Name] citizens to register and vote at the same time on Election Day ensures every voice is heard in our political process.

CITY - State legislature introduced [Bill Number], a measure that would enact same day registration in our state, a program that allows citizens to register and vote at the same time on Election Day.

So far, 16 states and the District of Columbia use or will use some form of same day registration. These states have consistently and significantly higher voter turnout than states that don’t allow same day registration - about ten percentage points per year since Maine, Minnesota, and Wisconsin passed the reform in the 1970s. Today, Minnesota and Wisconsin are the top two states for voter turnout in the country, and their success is not a coincidence. Everyone from election law experts to county clerks across the nation agrees that same day registration is the strongest reform out there for increasing civic participation.

Same day registration is especially important for future generations of voters; in the 2008 election, young people were 41% more likely to vote if they lived in a state that allowed them to register on Election Day. In fact, research suggests that if every state had same day registration, our nation’s voter turnout rate would increase by at least 5%.

States that start using same day registration get results almost immediately. In North Carolina, voter participation rose by 8% after lawmakers enacted the program in 2007, and a total of 250,000 residents used same day registration to vote in the 2012 election. In [State name], same day registration could protect the voices of thousands of citizens - our friends, our neighbors, and our children - and ensure that our democracy represents everyone in our state.

[Name of Organization] strongly urges the state legislature to pass [Name of Act] and stand with the people of [State Name]. “This bill represents the promise of American democracy, a democracy that is of, by, and for the people,” said [Organization Leader]. “Our state depends on equal access to the ballot box, and [Name of Act] will protect the civic sacrament of voting, strengthen the foundation of our democracy, and give our families and our communities the voice we need.”