Sample Sign-On Letter

Fill in the blanks to create a sign-on letter for organizations, advocates, and activists to express their solidarity and support for automatic voter registration measures in your state.

Dear [Lawmaker],

We, the undersigned [organizations/constituents], write in support of [Bill #], which provides for Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) through designated government agencies. As organizations dedicated to promoting a fair and accessible democracy, we strongly support passage of this critical piece of legislation. 

AVR takes meaningful strides to modernize voter registration in manners that are robust and inclusive, transforming the voter registration process from a barrier to a gateway of civic engagement. This legislation will add more eligible voters to the rolls and update existing registrations more frequently, giving elections officials a more accurate list.

Five states - Oregon, California, West Virginia, Vermont, and Connecticut - have already passed automatic voter registration and so should [State Name]. This legislation has the potential to engage thousands of new voters while safeguarding the security of the state’s elections processes and cutting down on costs. [Bill #] features many provisions that are considered best practices for enacting and implementing AVR and will position our state as a leader in election modernization and reform.

We urge you to pass [Bill #].


[List Organizations]