Sample Sign-On Letter

Fill in the blanks to create a sign-on letter for organizations, advocates, and activists to express their solidarity and support for automatic voter registration measures in your state.

Dear [Lawmaker],

We, the undersigned [organizations/constituents], write in support of [Bill #], which provides for same day registration in our state. As organizations dedicated to promoting a fair and accessible democracy, we strongly support passage of this critical piece of legislation. 

Same day registration takes meaningful strides to simplify voter registration and increase access to the ballot box for our communities, transforming the voter registration process from a barrier to a gateway of civic engagement.

Several states already use same day registration and so should [State Name]. Similar legislation has been in place in a growing number of states since Minnesota, Maine, and Wisconsin passed same day registration in the 1970s. Since then, the reform has proven to consistently boost voter turnout by at least 10 percentage points in states that use it, and states that implement same day registration have experienced immediate increases in voter participation. [Bill #] features many provisions that are considered best practices for enacting and implementing same day registration and will position our state as a leader in election modernization and reform.

We urge you to pass [Bill #].


[List Organizations]