Sample Tweets

Sample Tweets: These tweets are a good starting point for amplifying your work among allies and activists. For particular pieces of legislation, use the bill number as a hashtag. You can also use a more generic hashtag, such as #votingrights or #registertovote, to start the conversation in your state about same day registration. As much as possible, use one or two hashtags consistently.

Tip: Circulating sample tweets among friends and fellow activists can help generate exposure and encourage more people to mobilize and engage with work to expand voting rights.

Linking to articles: Help educate members of your community with links to articles like these, or submit your own op-eds and press releases, then share on twitter. If the link is too long, use a url shortener like this one.

  • How can same day registration help our state? Read about it here: [link to article].
  • Where does your state stand on same day registration? Find out here:
  • Check out this op-ed on same day registration and how it could transform our state’s democracy: [link to article].

Using graphics: Adding visuals is another great way to spread the word! Attach these sample graphics to the tweets below to create a more dynamic message.

  • Did you know 16 states and the District of Columbia will have same day registration by 2018? #votingrights [GRAPHIC - Map]
  • Wisconsin and Minnesota have had same day registration since the 1970s #registertovote [GRAPHIC - Wisconsin/Minnesota]
  • States w/ same day registration get 10% higher voter turnout than states w/out it #votingrights [GRAPHIC - 10%]

Statistics: Getting the facts out is key to getting the word out - tweet about same day registration by the numbers using the sample tweets below.

  • States w/ same day registration get 10% higher voter turnout than states w/out it. It’s time for #votingrights for all in [State Name]
  • Young ppl were 41% more likely to vote in 2008 if their state had same day registration. It’s time for #votingrights for all in [State Name]
  • Same day registration works for all Americans in 16 states. It’s time to help citizens of [State Name] #registertovote

General Samples:

  • We need to make it easier for all citizens to #registertovote with same day registration for [State Name]. #votingrights
  • In [State Name], we can ensure everyone has a voice in our democracy with same day registration. #votingrights