Voting Rights Restoration

Voting rights restoration gives formerly incarcerated people a voice at the ballot box once they have completed their sentences and are living and working in our communities. Currently, almost 6 million Americans are unable to vote because of a felony conviction. Research shows that restoring the right to vote helps people with past convictions successfully reintegrate into their communities. We need to empower Americans who have completed their sentences to participate in the political process, because when some voices are excluded, we all miss out.

  • Some states have different forms of voting rights restoration - in Massachusetts, for example, people can vote once they begin parole, while in Connecticut, people must complete parole to vote. Click here to learn more about voting rights restoration across the country!
  • Check out our guides to taking action and getting the word out to learn how you can help restore rights to people in your state.

Download our fact sheet on voting rights restoration here.