Wisconsin's Story


Wisconsin’s same day registration law has given the state one of the highest voter participation rates in the nation since it was passed in 1976. In 2012, however, Gov. Scott Walker tried to repeal same day registration, citing concerns that too many people would turn out to vote on Election Day for poll workers to handle, even though the program had worked well for 37 years. Poll workers spoke out against these concerns, and a report issued by the Government Accountability Board found that eliminating same-day registration would be expensive, with no impact on reducing the workload of election staff.

The citizens of Wisconsin came together to demand the convenience and access to the ballot box that has helped lift up their voices. In the end, Governor Walker was forced to back down from ending same-day registration, especially as his own son used it to register while accompanied by the governor. The fight for voting rights continues in Wisconsin, and together, Wisconsinites are ensuring that their voices and the voices of their children will be heard for years to come.