Writing to Elected Officials

Fill in the blanks below for a sample message to a state legislator. When you have finished, handwrite the message, and encourage your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and other members of your community to write their own notes and postcards.

**Collecting and sending handwritten notes or postcards to elected officials is an important tactic for showing legislators that you and your fellow activists feel strongly about passing same day registration and that many of their constituents consider the health of your state’s democracy a priority.**


Dear [State Legislator’s Name],

My name is [Name], and I am from [City/Town]. I am writing to ask you to help pass [Bill #], which will implement same day registration in our state. Same day registration will simplify the registration process and help people in my community register and vote more easily. As a citizen of [State Name], it is very important to me that everyone in our state has a voice, and [Bill #] will help ensure that as many eligible people as possible have access to the ballot box.

[Optional: include a personal story about why this issue matters to you!]