Fighting Big Money in Politics

The richest of the 1 percent have increasingly been able to put their mark on our democracy. Their values and interests differ from those of everyday Americans, and their mega-dollars diminish the votes and power of the rest of us. But we have the power to build a people-powered democracy....

Having Our Say...Voting Rights

Our democracy is built on the idea that every citizen can participate in the electoral process and each ballot counts equally. However, barriers exist that prevent some Americans from voting, rendering our voices unequal.

We want to arrive at a democracy in which the voice of the people...

Making Government Work for Us

Americans feel disconnected from their elected officials. Americans witness gridlock, partisanship and obstruction and are looking for ways to change the system so that we have a government that is of, by and for the people.  

Fix the Senate Now seeks to address these concerns by...

Our Solution

Communicating Democracy’s Promise

Connecting what people care about to the need for reform.

Mobilizing Activists

Aligning existing constituencies to mobilize for a pro-democracy agenda.

Elevating New Voices

Working to reach, educate, and empower new voices to champion democracy.

Envisioning a People-Centered Democracy

Bringing people together to envision a better democracy fueled by people.

DI Board Members in Action

On Friday, February 9 th , DI Executive Director Wendy Fields and Common Cause President...

Latest News

Testimony of Wendy Fields Executive Director Democracy Initiative Before the Government...
Testimony of Wendy Fields, Executive Director, Democracy Initiative before the Democratic...