Democracy Champions Training

Democracy Champions

To win on the issues that impact our lives: workers' rights, environmental justice, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, immigration reform, and more, we must have a base of grassroots activists who are passionate about their kitchen table issues to make the link to democracy reforms. Collectively, we will expand our leadership and capacity for local and state campaigns and build a demand for reform.

Democracy Champions are the foundation for the pro-democracy movement. Protecting and expanding our democracy requires ongoing engagement, 365 days a year—not just during an election season.

The training creates a cadre of leaders who will be motivated, prepared, and empowered to take on local democracy campaigns by connecting democracy to the other issues that motivate them. Through exercises and discussion, participants will make the connection for themselves. They will see how democracy is a cross-cutting, silo-busting issue that connects us all.

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Winning on the issues that matter to us

Participants will come away with an understanding of how corporations and the wealthy use their money and power to dominate the political system—and how, on the other hand, expanding and deepening democracy builds our own power to win the changes that matter to us. As Democracy Champions, participants will play an active role in ongoing reform campaigns. The training follows a popular education model, drawing on participants' personal experience and values. The training also provides participants with an opportunity to talk about democracy reforms, and participants will have the opportunities to draw conclusions.

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Q: What is the Democracy Champions training about?
A: The Democracy Champions is a popular education program of the Democracy Initiative Education Fund. The training is part of the Democracy 365 platform to increase your members' civic participation and engagement year-round to expand access and participation in democracy.

Q: What will  I learn?
A: Democracy Champions popular education model trains staff, members, and volunteers from the Democracy Initiative's coalition partners to make the connection between democracy, money in politics, voting rights, and their everday kitchen table issues—while developing skills to win field campaigns.

Q: What is a "Democracy Champion"?
A: You're a Democracy Champion. A Democracy Champion is a grassroots activist who fights for democracy reforms across the country. Through your efforts, we will move toward our vision of universal voter registration, increased participation, and 100% of votes counted; elections funded by citizens, not corporations; and a government that truly represents and reflects us.

Q: What is the goal of the Democracy Champions training?
A: The goal of the training is to mobilize millions to a create that grassroots cadre of leaders. Participants will come away from the training motivated, prepared and empowered to take on specific democracy reform campaigns.

  • Motivated: understanding that democracy is about powerwithout a functioning democracy, we don’t have the power to win the changes we need.
  • Prepared: practicing effective conversations that make the connection between democracy and the core, motivating issues that people are passionate about.
  • Empowered: plugged into local campaigns with specific action commitments.

Q: What does the day look like?
A: The Democracy Champions is a day-long training that uses a popular education model, drawing on the participants’ personal experiences and values. Trainers will not be lecturing or spelling out conclusions, but instead, provide opportunities for the participants to make connections and draw their own conclusions through one on one conversations and group discussions.

Q: What does it cost to attend a Democracy Champions training?
A: The training is free. The training will provide light breakfast and lunch, as well as all training materials. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the training.

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